Can I see my father’s soul: How to communicate with a departed parent?

I started exploring life after death content after my father passed away a month back. I work in a different city and my parents live in a different city. Due to COVID Pandemic situation and lockdown I had to cancel my planned leaves to visit my parents. I remember it was March 2020 and I had a deep urge to visit my parents but due to lock down passenger trains cancelled, and flight ban extended, and it dampened my prospect of visiting my parents.

From a year I used to feel deep longing to meet my parents especially my father and this deep longing came into my subconscious mind in the form of vivid dreams, I remember all dreams.

A year back I saw a dream where my father would love me as a kid and used to go with him to different places holding his hand. It was deepest love and affection I felt from him. This dream was so intense that I woke up with tears in my eyes.

There were few other dreams where my departed uncle used to come. He looked peaceful and calm.

Few months before my father died, I saw a dream where 3 of my departed uncles came to my home and there was a kind of a get-together. All my uncles were chitchatting with my father.
In another dream I saw some family function going on at our home where lot of people were present, but my father was not there.
Just a week before he died, I saw a dream where my maternal uncle who sometimes comes in my dreams came in that dream again. He was singing a song while walking on a side-way of a paddy field. I was listening to the song while he was singing, I said uncle your voice is melodious, and you sing so well. In a moment he slipped into a water pit next to the side-way. I rushed to save him, I gave my hand so that I can pull him from drowning but he was deep inside the water, I could only see him getting completely lost in water, while getting lost in water he told me to go, gestured with his hand. It was so scary that I woke up with fear and in the dream itself I was crying. When I woke up my eyes were wet. I was confused if the man I saw in my dream was really my maternal uncle or my father. I am still confused about it.

During these 7 days my father’s health was deteriorating. He was going through home treatment. Just 3 days before his death he recovered and told us that he is fine but in the next day he fell ill again. We were tense. The day he died one doctor visited and asked my brother-in law to take him to hospital. Due to COVID situation private hospitals were shut, my family members took him to a government hospital. He was kept there for few hours and then sent back to home, Doctor said he will be alright.

I was constantly in touch with my other family members and time to time inquired about his health. In all these days I assured my father on calls that he will be alright, and he has a long life, so he will recover soon. My father believed in all that. He wanted to live, he had many plans, He wanted to visit me and my sister after he recovers, he said all that, that night he was restless, unable to speak properly but he could walk. During dinner he took very little food and some medicine. Till late in night my mother, elder sister and brother-in-law were by his side, we all thought he will be alright by morning, but things went ugly. He felt restless and asked my mom that he wants to sit. He sat on the bed than asked to move him to the sofa and again asked to put him to sleep. My brother in law took him to the bed and he lied down in the bed, everyone felt he went to sleep but it was not normal sleep he slept forever. Just 15 mins before all that he told everyone to go to sleep as he will be ok.

Life is strange. We live in an illusory world where we don’t realize that death is the bitter and ultimate truth. You will leave everyone you love one day and that day will come for sure as no one is immortal. After a near one’s death his family suffer a lot of pain and sorrow even to leave the dead for the last rites. 


My father's pic clicked on his birthday- In July 22- He Passed away in Aug 6th.

We will never ever receive the love of our parents once they depart from the physical plane, we will long for their touch, love and care but they will never come back in physical form to  shower all that love they showered all through their life. 

Respect and love your parents as much as you can, stay with them as much as you can because one day you will sure to lose this bliss.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi (


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