Celebrities who experienced sexual assault in past

Lady Gaga revealed that she was raped when 19 by a man 20 year older than her. US radio host Howard Stern asked Gaga that her latest song swine suggested that the singer was raped by the record producer. Upon asking if such an incident happened to her, she replied that she had a very bad time during her teenage years especially when she went to catholic school.

She describes her experience as a shock which deeply invaded her self for years and it took time to come out of it through lot of mental and physical therapy.

Gaga said she was traumatized after the horrific incident and it took 4 -5 years to come out of it. She said she never revealed it to anybody and tried to forget it as a bad incident. In her song “swing” she tried to portray rape and sexual assault and demoralization.

Similar incidents had happened with Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. Some of the names are Ashley Judd, a highly established Hollywood actress revealed that she was raped brutally in her childhood and youth.


Similarly Madonna had a terrifying sexual assault when she first arrived at New York during her youth. She was raped on knife-point on a roof of a city building. This incident might happen when she might be 20 something. She was shaken from inside but never lost her hope for a good life. The incident indeed could not dampen her prospect to become a celebrity singer rather she with her never ending motivation achieved her goals and went on to become a famous pop star of the era.

Anoushka Shankar revealed that she was abused as a child.

Sophia Hayat had experienced sexual assault as a child and she talked about it.

Anurag Kashyap had similar experience as a teen.

Recenly Kalki Koechlin revealed to a news channel that she was sexually abused as a teenager.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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