Charlie Hebdo headquarters attacked in Paris

Paris : Charlie Hebdo's headquarters in paris were stormed by gunmen in military-style attack which killed 12 people including police men while 10 wounded out of which 5 are in serious condition. French national security alert at a top-notch level has been put on action. French police is on search of the gunmen suspected of having links to Syria or Iraq. France recently sent 2000 people to fight against the militants.

A lone-wolf attack as it can be termed as triggered wide-spread panic not only in France but in the entire Europe. A video filmed by a person taking refuge under a rooftop to prevent him from bullet injury clearly shown how the gunmen shouted we avenged for the prophet and while firing bullets they were heard shouted Allha hu Akabar. 

Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper known as satirizing Islam showed through cartoons how anti-immigrant sentiments as well as anti-Islam sentiment have grown in different quarters of the continent.

French scholar, Olivier Roy called the Paris attack as the most deadly and dangerous attack in the france soil since the Algerian war in 1960s.

Anti-immigrant sentiments have been on a rise in Europe due to slowdown in economy, high unemployment in Europe. In such a scenario when people basically belonging to European continent see immigration from other continents as a threat to their jobs and to some extent their values. Islamic immigration is the largest in france and UK. In france alone 6 miilion mulims live and they are like any common people and nothing to do with terrorism but still most of the Europe is anti-muslim. When a terrorist attack takes place it is associated with islam as most of the terrorist attacks committed in the recent years were by the Islamic radical or terrorist organizations.

Seculiar france which has a painful history of colonialism in Algeria, Syria and north Africa has a bold foreign policy. The recent Charlie Hebdo attack has further aggravated anti-Muslim sentiments propelling the parties like UK Independence Party asked UK government to take strict control on Immigration policy.

Charlie Hebdo, the newpapaer portrayed every Islamic piety through its raucous, vulgar cartons as well as their commercial effort to glorify such things, even prophet Mohammed was not spared and this triggered aggression somewhere by some crazy radical supports and as a result the violent attack took place on the publication day of "Submission," by Michel Houellebecq, which is based on the victory of islam in france. Michel Houellebecq along with the cartoonists, caricaturists was killed. France believed in artistic liberty, license and publication. The publishers of the book, Flammarion, were reported to be in fear of being attacked in the near future like the author. 

It is suspected that further such lone-wolf attacks may take place and to prevent such attacks French government is ready. Recently a lone-wolf attack took place in Sydney, Australia killing civilians and what happened in france is a military style attack and can be related to the attack by Pakistani jihadist commandos in Mumbai, India.



By Dipti Prasad Padhi     


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