Cheating in relationship : some new findings

Now-a-days Cheating in relationship has been a concern for lots of people who engage in a relationship of love or marriage. American Psychological Association clarified the same with a one-liner, once a cheater can always cheat.

Rina, a banker by profession states that her husband had a history of having physical intimacy with a few girls while he also had a committed relationship with someone before marriage. Even though she was deeply upset about the same after knowing her husband’s past she has never thought of parting ways. She got deeply in love with her husband after marriage while she is very insecure after knowing her husband’s past. Her insecurity grew many folds when she read flirtatious text messages of a lady colleague on her husband’s phone. Rina recently consulted a phycologist about the same. Her marriage is not older than 2 years and as both of them are working in different cities her problem is vulnerable, they only manage to spend time during weekends.

Rina says her husband loves him very much but when it comes to looking beyond wedlock for fun he may be the one who may easily slip into it.

As per a new research cheating is a mental ailment caused by genes those triggers a desire to cheat. Mostly people who cheat do it to draw a kind of satisfaction but in some cases there are cheaters who cheat because of circumstances.

A recent research carried out by University of Western Australia added a different dimension to it. As per the new research it was concluded that men have the ability to identify a woman who may cheat or cheated in the past by merely looking at them.

As per the research a bunch of photographs were given to a group of men to identify if they had cheated or likely to cheat in relationship. Result was startling with 55% to 59% accuracy. Researchers said it was statistically significant and on the basis of which further research can be carried out.



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