Cheating in Relationships

Cheating in relationships has become common these days as as it seems from rising relationship issues based on this. It may be in a girlfriend-boyfriend relation or a more serious relationship like marriage. The reason varies from relation to relation and the reasons are more of shock and awe for the one who is honest in the relation while the other is not. It may happen that someone in this relationship becomes a victim of cheating while the one who cheats may have his own reasons to escape. Human emotions are complex, while carrying such relations with honesty and integrity have become a challenge in our fast growing societies where urbanization, industrialization and growth and development in technology have radically changing.

These changes for the betterment in the society ridiculously changing the value-system or ethics and the moral ethos of the society. It may sound harsh to talk about value system, morality, and sanctity for those who really live their life on their own terms but someday we all realize that we cannot get free from the roots of our religion which teaches us so many good things including a lot about relations, sanctity in love, marriage and so many things.



In general we as humans are vulnerable to emotional cheating. We may blame each other for what we commit against the rules of love when it is broken. Rules of love are clear and simple and we should all respect these to strengthen a relation. First and foremost rule is trust or faith between the lovers or the married partners. Without trust and faith actually no relation can survive in the long run. We can not teach someone to become faithful. It should be there in a person or else a person who does not possess this quality of trust can never be faithful in any relation.

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