Chennai CSK v Rajasthan RR at Ranchi, May 13, 2014 IPL 2014 post review



Chennai CSK v Rajasthan RR  at Ranchi, May 13, 2014 IPL 2014 post review

Dhoni can make everthing possible, Everyone knows it well. Doni in this IPL could not chase pujab in one match where they scored 234 and he still tried to chase this difficlut goal and made 180 plus which was commendable, though he did not win the match he proved that any score within 180 190 is easily chasable by CSK. Dhoni often known for his ability to chase difficult target could made today's match easy for him in the last over where they needed to make 12 runs out of the last over.

Batting 2nd in Ranchi was difficult as the wicket was slow, ball was not coming nicely to the bat and it seems it would be neck-to-neck game but CSK remained cool even they lost wickets, Dhoni made a decesion to send Ravi Ashwin to bat in the middle order and that to before him was surprising.

RR won the toss and their decesion to bat first was all right and they did well in the first 10 overs but once watson was declared out run rate went down and the rest of the players like smith,faulkner, binny could not keep the momentum right.

Had it been a 167 170 on the scorebaord RR might have been won the game.

Have a look at the scorebard


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