China’s power struggle

When we talk about china we talk about economic growth, electronic export, expansion of business even in enemy countries and so many things about this country is now in talks in almost all sections of our communication media.
All these talks sound like worries for nations. Chain’s powerful ambitions to be a powerful country mostly worry India, its closest neighbor who was forced to go into a war with it in the distant past, we know wars can not decide the destiny a country, only peace rules the world. Though the war ended in the past, its memories and aftermath are unforgettable. Even today India is fighting against its enemies from both sides.
We are not free from both our external and internal enemies. Our external enemies across the border have been actively indulged into evil plans against us. Some of their fundamental plans are jihad-cenrtic while others are based on communist ideologies. They have a free access to Nepal, which has a good business or economic understanding with Pakistan and china. Nepal has an old tie with India too. Now for china and Pakistan Nepal is just a gateway to send evil forces.
India wants Chinese Telecom firms to disclose their actual ownership details within a month’s time presuming that these so-called telecom giants are threats to our security. These firms entered the telecom market with their aggressive pricing strategy; they penetrated the market in the field of telecom infrastructure with their telecom equipments 1/3 the cost of the prevailing market price of such equipments. Their cheap products made them win a major market share in the global telecom network.
It’s been said that chain’s willingness to demonstrate its prowess is not confined to land. News of a Chinese helicopter encircling a Japanese escort ship and a Chinese naval vessel coming with an objectionable range toward a Japanese escort ship is an indication of china’s power demonstration. China wants to say that they naval power is going to rule the pacific while on the other hand its naval-strategy is now focused toward controlling the sea lanes of Indian ocean in order to obstruct India’s trade and commerce by gaining leverage over India’s power of economic expansion.
Such kind of aggressive demonstration like china or secretive military strategies in North Korea is a reminder of the secretive military and weapon development in Germany. China’s military expansion has witnessed a double-digit annual growth for 22 years. In the lights of the information about increased Chinese military expenditure year-by-year will certainly create vulnerability among other countries.

By Dipti Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 14,2011

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