Coinomia Review: Is it legit or scam?

 Coinomia is said to be a crypto currency having a mining set-up for BTC and Etherium. They are said to be doing cloud mining to generate mined coins for their members. There was much hype about the company during its prelaunch but unfortunately after thorough investigation it was found that

1.   Coinomia is an MLM Ponzi because they give more emphasis on their MLM plan, you bring downlines and you earn good commission, More your downlines putting money in their system more you can earn but in actuality topliners that can bring members can earn good commission and after a certain period of time they will run away and the company will close down.  

2.       There is no such actual mining set-up, they claim to have a mining set-up running through solar panels which is more effective as per cost of mining is concerned. If this is the case then why only 5% return on you investment on BTC and 8% on Etherium.

3.      They have 3 package plans $100, $1000 and $10000, so they have made a good plan to cut people as per their risk ability.

4.      Coinomia’s CEO Phil Lewis has no formidable background in having such a MLM cum crypto mining business, His FB profile is just hallow, No evidence that he is the real guy. Lot of people who are involved in scams, do not put their own FB profile.

5.       Their office address shows that office is set-up in some service apartment.

6.       Ankur Agarwal who has been promoting Coinomia is said to be a big time MLM scammer ( As per different websites)


These points are enough to prove that Coinomia is nothing but an MLM Ponzi.

Coinomia Review: Is it legit or scam?

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