Coinomia scammer Ankur Agarwal

Ankur Agarwal, a name famous in the crypto based MLM world, He is notorious for his scams. He calls himself as an MLM crypto Guru alike Kartike Kanwar ( ADCN scammer) along side Abhishek Bhandari and Amit Jaiswal.

His most notorious Ponzi scheme is Coinomia where he fooled thousands and made a lot of money and alike Coinomia has has a dozen of other schemes including a recent Job scam where he collects resumes from Job databases and then call the candidates pretending to be a job consultant, then he charges a certain amount from them to get them aligned. He is such a leech in the scamming world that he has earned name of serial scammer in no time. Be Aware of him. He may be ready with a  new scam anytime soon in the future.


Below is his facebook link,

By : Admin| Company Name : Coinomia scammer Ankur Agarwal| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : March 11,2018

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