Corona Virus in India Live updates

Total number of corona virus cases have reached 6761 in India vs World Total of 16,23,130 cases.

Reported death toll due to Corona Virus is 206 vis-à-vis total death toll of 97,235. 3,66,407 lakh people have recovered.

You can find live cases of corona in the below website.

We still do not have any medicine invented to cure corona virus infection.

Orissa is the first state to extend lock down for another 15 days. In India lock down of 21 days was declared and that ends in 14th April 2020.

Several states have recommended Prime Minister Modi to extend lock down. The whole world is in grip of Cornona and slowly as the temperature is rising in India cases of Corona seems to slow down.

Hopefully some medicine of Vaccine will come out in the market.
China has declared that there is no new case of Cornona. After a lot of pressure from different countries China has stated that it will consider banning killing of dogs for meat.

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