Cricket, IPL and Satta business

Cricket, IPL and Satta business
If one asks me what changes the world, I will say inventors and creators change the world. As Lalit modi changed the face of cricket by altering some of its rules, ethics, quotients then all his allies cheered on the prospect that IPL can bring them so much money in so little time. Yes, it’s a known fact that IPL is an innovative version of entertaining cricket, to make it more entertaining they constantly innovated on its money-giving parameters. They knew the cricketing psyche of Indian people, they did their best to call bids for different teams, and players are sold out for an astounding amount of money and even the best players from around the world have got a chance to add up some kind of x-factor to the game of IPL and bringing cheer-leaders to encourage the teams with their flair and glare not only won hearts of millions of audiences on and off the field but also added spice and glamour to IPL business.  You know it’s rightly said no business is like show business.
The mindsets of the businessmen blended with the skill sets of the best players from around the world to make it a successful, revenue-earning business venture for the owners of the teams, advertisers, bookies and their big bosses from Dubai and Karachi, hopefully IPL ended as an entertaining stuff for the passionate audiences while it was a serious business for some politicians and businessmen. It’s like an investment with unbelievable, massive ROI for the big bosses while for the retailers who bet money for a certain team for a win or a loss are always at the stake. What we call the businesss of satta made the bookies busy, taking the IPL satta business to a whopping 1500 crore or may be more. Satta business is so accessible to anyone that people from all walks of life did not mind getting into it to earn some quick money, a known friend is addicted to this satta bets, most of the time he looses but he is hopeful, he said if not this IPL I could make it happen in the T20 world cup. Bookies are active in all big and small cities, everything happens over phone, just bet a price on a team prior to the match and the rest is your luck. Though satta is illegal in India no one could ban it from the cricketing industry as it’s like an ancillary industry to the main industry of money-making cricket, but what about our national game hockey, do we cheer for our team. Why don’t govt promote hockey like cricket? Why the cricketing players are treated as celebrities while our hockey players live in oblivion. Even the media is very clever, they only talk on issues that can raise their TRP, and hence all the sections of media are super-active in the IPL venues unlike the hockey venues.  The simple reason why cricket and bollywood are successful as industries is due to us, crazy Indians who do not look beyond the world of cricket and bollywood.
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Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 16,2011

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