Crime against women on rise all over India

In a recent finding by researchers it was found that mentally ill women are much more vulnerable to domestic violence and rape than the normal girls. Rape and other form of violence further deteriorate the mental conditions of such women. Aftermath of incidents of rape shake a girl so bad that most of them try to commit suicide while a major percentage of women are vulnerable to become schizophrenic.


In another survey in Indian it came out that women are much more vulnerable to domestic violence and even sexual assault by family members and relatives. The greatest irony is that low conviction rate in India and lack of fast-track trials are the major hindrance towards justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.


As per the statistics crime against women in 2013 is as follows


1. Crime by husband and relatives account 38 percent

2. Crime with an intention to outrage the modesty of women accounts 23 percent

3. Kidnapping and abduction 17 percent

4. Rape accounts 11 percent

There is a sharp rise in the percentage in 2014

Indecent representation of women has gone up to 157% in 2014

Insult to modesty of women has also gone upby 37 percent while assault to women's modesty has also

Gone up sharply by 56 percent.

5% of the total crime fall under catagory of crime against women in 2013 while it was 4% earlier. Crime incidence againnst women in lac is 11% in Arunachal and UP, 10% West Bengal, 9% in Rajasthan and 8% in Maharasthra in 2013. 5% of  rape victims are under the age of 10 and less while 46% of them are between 18-30 years of age as per 2013 data.


As per a survey report most educated and even working women are subject to domestic voilence. Blame it on husbands or in-laws but this is an alarming situation not only in Indian but also a global concern.


Even the religious places in Indian are not safe. As per reports Uttarakhand which has major religious places and also called "Dev Bhoomi" has seen sharp rise in the crime incidents against women in last 3 years. Mostly lots of tourists and pilgrims travel towards Haridwar, Rishikesh while in Haridwar alone the cases of kidnapping and rape have incresed. The recent incident of rape and murder of a delhi resident  Moumita Das in Dehradun and rape and murder of a 7 year girl in Haldwani created headlines and tainted the image of  the state. 297  cases of women kidnapping and 215 rape cases have been reported in Uttrakhand.


It is also argued that due to proximity to the sensitive areas of UP like Saharanpur and Muzaffarnagar these cases have been increased.

 By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Sensitive News for over 18 year| Date : December 05,2014

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