Crime Branch of Delhi police, India arrested a businessman for possessing heroin worth Rs.25 crore

The crime branch of Delhi police, India arrested a 32-year business man for possessing 8 kilogram of heroin. The accused whose name is Anumulagundam Soma Shekhar is a native of Hyderabad state of India and holds an MBA degree from a well-known management institute.

As per Additional Commissioner of Police Crime branch, Ravindra Yadav, Crime Branch has so far recovered 29 kg of heroin from the members of such nexus in last couple of months. The total cost of the recovered drug would be about 100 Crore.

As per the interrogation the crime branch found that Sekhar was lured by a Kuwait based NRI, Rajni into drug trafficking. Sekhar was promised 1 lac rupee for on every one kilo of heroin from Srinagar. Sekhar had several trips from Delhi to Srinagar to procure the drug.

As per the outcome of the interrogation it was revealed that Sekhar was running an international drug racket with the help of his network across Jammu& Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Gulf Countries. Investigation is ongoing and the cops are expecting more arrests of people involved in the racket.


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