CWG scam, CBI Raid on Kalmadi

There is hustle and bustle at various corners of political arena. There were allegations, counter allegations and defensive statements in answer. In the wake of early morning raid conducted by CBI at the pune and Delhi Residence of Kalamadi key BJP ministers started attacking the Govt saying congress Govt is protecting the corrupt and scamsters. CWG scam is estimated to be worth 700 Cr while 2G scam caused a loss of much to the govt exchequer.

BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay told to the media that the present Govt gives safe heaven to the corrupt while CWG scam shamed the country. Suresh Kalmadi who is alleged as the key conspirator of CWG scam may not be the only person involved in this scam, as per Tarun Vijay there may be several officials of PMO and Delhi Govt who have aided Kalmadi in the crime. CBI may file cases of criminal conspiracy, forging documents against the key conspirators of CWG scam. The raids conducted at various places of the key kalamdi aids may get prolonged as such raids generally last for several hours. As per reports CBI has made 4 raids today and there may be many more raids to come.Unfortunately it is highlighted that some of the important documents and files have gone missing and CBI suspects that they have been destroyed. Today A.Raja will be questioned by CBI on the 2G scam. Hopefully we will hear some breakthrough in both the cases. Only time will tell. It is only a matter of evidence that CBI is looking at to nail down A.Raja and Suresh Kalmadi who shamed the country.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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