Cyclone Fani devastated Indian State Orissa

Cyclone Fani which recently devastated certain part of orissa and now the death toll is reported to be 34. It is a commedable
Task of Orissa Govt led by Mr.Naveen Patnaik and his disaster management team which evacuted people to shelter homes.
A record of 1.2 million people were evacuted in 24 hours. This is nothing less than a miracle. Mostly Ganjam and Puri districts
were badly imapacted.
Almost 7000 kitchens catering to 9000 shelters were made functional overnight.

In the worst of it's kind catagoried as severity 5 storm Fani even damaged Jagannath Temple but it's almightly Lord Jagannath
saved orissa from massive lose of life. 45000 Volunters really made it possible in evacuating people.

This is a time we should show our empathy towards the damage done in orissa by donating to Cheif minister's relief fund,

Here is the link

Cyclone Fani: Jagannath temple in Puri damaged, death toll now at 34

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