David Cawthorne Haines execution by ISIS


David Cawthorne Haines execution by ISIS is all on the news channels and news papers sent a clear message to Britain who is ally of USA against International terrorism, Terrorist groups. David Cawthorne Haines, an aid worker, a British Citizen who was recently beheaded is not the only foreign hostage. He was the thrid hostage who was killed by ISIS.

A 44 year old Mr. Haines before his death was forced to read a script where he said, I would like to declare that I hold you, David Cameron, fully responsible for my exceution. In the video the black-clad exceutioner warned that the next victim will be Alan Henning, another British citizen. SITE Intelligence. Henning tracks jihadist groups.

Execution of  Haines created pressure on the NATO coalition including the Britain, which is a core member of the NATO group to take stringent action in the form of airstrikes against the milltants.

ISIS is currenntly holding Hennings and other  Aid Workers who are American citizens.

Mr.Hains who held a millitary background kidnapped 19 months ago in Northen Syria along with a Italina co-woker and put in the prison near the Syrian town of Raqqa where other two dozens of foreign nationals were held by the terrorists. Most of the Europeans were released for ransom while in case of Haines British Prime minister Mr. Cameron, ruled out saying British Govt does not pay ransoms for terrorists when they kidnap our citizens.

This is a serious international issue which threatens the security of  foreign nationals who are either working in NGOs, War-help camps, aid workers.

Now the USA and UK and NATO have moved ahead to strengthen the Coaltion allies in Syria and Iraq, Airstrikes on ISIS positions.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : News| Date : September 14,2014

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