Day 27 Big Boss 9 with Salman Khan

Salman appears every weekend and they call it weekend ka baar with Salman Khan. Weekend with Salman is about lessons learned by members of house, their opinions, mistakes, improvement tips by Salman and eventually eviction of a house member.

It all started with puneet’s footage where he was seen saying Mai tandav hu, Bhashm kr dunga, and he also shouted saying sab sone aye hei kya ( when Rochelle said please don’t shout it disturbs my sleep, Puneet replied loudly saying have you all come to take rest in Big Boss House.

Salman said now big boss has turned interesting with Puneet and Rishabh

Salman talked about eviction, he showed the names of nominated members on a display screen

Salman also talked about Keith’s family tragedy but as requested by keith Salman did not disclose the same to the other members of the house.

Salman then connected himself to the house members, his first gaze goes at Aman, he says

Naughthy man – Aman bal katva dia : Aman replied he is following Salman’s footstep.

Salman called Rishabh as enthu cutlet, he said honored, he also told I came here to bring them on track (thodi bajaunga khud bhi bjaunga)

Did you bring them on track? Salman asked

Puneet told Salman your beard looks sexy, He also said mai baton pr dhyan nahi de pa rha hu beard par hei dhyan hei. Salman then told him that in an recent Interview you said big boss ke bad (sharukh khan and salman will boli lga ye ge ), he later clarified that he had no such wrong intention.

Salman congratulates Rishabh and Rimi, rimi asked is this for nomination?

He showed morphed pic of Rishbah and Rimi with kids as Rishabh and Rimi.

Salman showed a love-shaped Paratha, Prince ka dia paratha to Yuvika. He showed few footages where Prince gave flower to Yuvika, jeet ke bad kuch important hei to tum ho. Prince said he loves yuvika (Prince said if anything is important after winning Big Boss it is Yuvika and he loves her.)

Salman Khan also showed a footage of Rishabh dancing and acting to the song tera dhyan kidhar hei, tera hero idhar hei.

In another clipping he was seen singing Bholi si suart  forYuvika.

Paratha made in the form of love and a rose by prince, he said I feel Yuvika you look like a doll, It was another clip showed by Salman.

A clip from the past where Yuvika and Rishabh sat next to each other: Rishabh asked prince ke bare mai kya soch te ho, she said one sided, what he thinks about him, You are very nice person, a good soul.

Salman said pyaratha instead of paratha : Parathe ka kya kia yuvika ? He asked

a.      Kha gye (Did you eat that love-shaped Paratha?)

b.      Fek dia (Did you throw it ?)

c.      Rishabh ke sath share kia (Did you share it with Rishabh?)

Salman asked what if Yuvika says no to Prince, he said you did not get any indication; he said Maine jabardsati nahi kie (I never forced her to love me). Yuvika said Prince is a good soul.

Task given by Salman Khan (Whom they want to see as evicted ?)

Aman said mandana

Rimi said me then Mandana

Yuvika : Mandana

Suyash : Mandana

Digi : Rimi


Prince: ,mandana

Rochelle : Rimi

Rishabh : Aman

Kishwer : Rimi

Puneet : Rimi

Mandana got 6 votes while Rimi got 4 votes. When it comes to Rimi it is understandable as she is not at all performing but Members of the house gving 6 votes to Mandana means they are insecure about Mandana’s presence.

Mandana was asked to get into the Big Boss house’s Jail. First question Salman asked, Kyu log cha te hei mai bahar jau gi : Manadna said khudi ke life mai jeet na hei ( Mandana said I want to go home, I want to win in my own life.)

13 members of the house against you, Salman asked: When Mandana said I want to go home, Salman said you have been seen as a threat and a strong contender against all of them, that is why Public voted for you. People in the house want to get you evicted while people outside the house want you to be in the house so they vote for them.

Mujhe ghar ja na hei,Mandana said, Salman is known for his humor, he instantly told, what would you do after going out of the house, would you go out and party  ? Mandana said I don’t go out and don’t party.  Mai do bar gya hu maine dekha hei bahar (Salman said I myself have seen you in two times)

Public thinks kadar nahi kr rahi hei Rimi, why and how she came into the house (Public thinks Rimi has no regards)

Salman’s conversation with Rimi

Khuda na khasta agar sarkari ghar ja na pade to what would you do? Should Rimi cry saying she should go home. Salman said when Rishabh gave an honest feedback; Rimi gave a callous, irresponsible response, Puri ki puri industry watch kr tei hei, kya impression pad rha hei. 3 mahine reh ne ka aur ja ne ke bad kam nahi mila, Slaman said kya ho gya hei ? Rimi sen said mai aise hei hu, Salman said aap aise nahi ho as I know you, you had with me in few films.

Comments from Viewers about selected members of the house

Salman showed a conversation between Rimi, Suyyash, Kishwer and Prince where Rimi talked about Rochelle as attention grabbing, she gets into everything that sounds controversial.

Mandana: Flacuate often.

Prince: Dono nau mai pau rakh tei hei, He is stuck between Suyyash and Kishwer.

Salman encouraged Rimi that you have potential, and you have strong opinions, You should live upto audience expectation,

Salman told Rimi to say, Mai Rimi shaphat le tei hu aaj ke bad Hindustan ko aajad kr ke dikhau gi.

Salman told Mandana to come out of Big Boss prison and he said prince to hug her on my behalf.

Yuvika went to Jail as the 2nd most popular contestant. It means most of the members found Yuvika as a threat; she has been performing well from a week, is it because her name is in the nomination list

Yuvika said when I was not speaking much I was said you don’t speak much now when I have started talking people in the house started thinking I speak much.

Someone asked from public to Suyyash: why you cried when you gf played dog. Manager ne kha tha hadi bahahr fek de. Suyyash could have done that? Why he did not do that?

Why you went to Andy with a complaint that Kishwer has wrist problem, ligament tear and Rishabh has given the Dog task and she has been doing it from a long time, she might hurt her.

Salman asked a very genuine question when at the beginning kishwer said Aman were given a wrist task which was nothing more than 3 mins, Kishwer straight aways said no to it due to which they lost the task.

Now that question is when she spent 3 hours on her wrists because of the Dog task, Could not she spend more 3 minutes?

Aman said Suyyash listens to everything that Kishwer says, Finally it was Aman who took that Dog Bone out of Kishwer’s mouth.

Salman asked Kishwer and Suyyash nominated you, but you took that dog bone out of her mouth and helped her in getting free, Aman said if my gf was there I would say not to be play dog first

To Rishbah Salman warned give tasks that you can also do

Prince told rishabh could have selected Rimi for the task, why he chooses Kishwer for the task, Rishabh explained saying Mandana told me individual weakness and whom to target. Mandana said Kishwer has wrist issues while Digi don’t touch non-veg.

One viewer asked how prince went to Rishabh’s side during his captaincy when they had heated arguments and fights.

From PUBLIC as well as Salman said MOUTH TO MOUTH Ho gaye the Prince and Rishabh : Prince was seen saying kutta bnaya tha, KATE Ga, NAKLI KABIUTAR, JAN TA KUTTA BAN YE GA (Prince told during that hotel BB task that he will make Rishabh dog till he lives in Big Boss hotel.)

Itna wafadat koba, Salman asked Kishwer : how could you support Rishabh when he did not play fair with you ? Kishwer said I did not want to give up the task. Kishwer said we realized that Rishabh is a genuinely nice guy.

Aman told what he thinks about the Personal equation between Prince, kishwer, and suyyash and now Rishabh, He said Rishabh was very clever in his move and he knew that if he makes them his friend he will be at a different level in the game.

Aman said Rishabh was very smart and changed his mind, mingled with them, situation ke hisab se he changed. Rishabh said kishwer ke sath jo kia tha guilty for that.

Rochelle said miane gali dia and I feel guilty for the same.

Spitting inside glasses of water Topic

Salman raised a question towards Kishwer saying pani de reh the us mai thuka tha ( Why you spitted inside water the you served Rishabh ?

Digi you knew this: kya in ke hat ka khana aur pani aap Kabhi pio ge? Salman asked.

Names of Suyyash, Kishwer and Keith have come as culprits of spitting in water.

Salman asked Rochelle did you know that your bf Keith had also spitted in the water that was served to Rishabh? Salman said  Baraf chus ke pani mai dal na, spit kr na pani mai, It was disgusting.

Digangana said I wanted to stop it but she could not.

Suyyash did you know that about your gf act?  Suyyash said I am equally guilty.

Pani pila na shabab ka kam hei Hindustan mai soch te hei. Salman asked did also do such kind of things in your childhood? Kishwer said no.

Kishwer said it was due to anger when Rishabh targeted me and Suyyash in the dog task, but salman said it much before, he also said instead of spitting inside water and serving the same mu par thuk de ti (should have spitted on his face if you did not like him or his attitude )

Salman said it was not funny

Just imagine, Risbha ka thuk aap ne pi liya, Can you imagine?

Salman then pointed out how could a mature person like keith did the same ?

Salman said in the 9 seasons nothing like this has ever happened, there were difficult tasks, there werr fights but never such a thing happened.

When Kishwer took Aman’ name saying he was also involved, Aman said no to it, He said yes I was smiling but I was not in their spitting act. Aman was seen clapping on what Salman told about kishwer and team’s spitting, Kishwer objected saying Aman could have stopped but Aman comes back on her saying you and others who spitted were not kids that I should tell what to do.


Slaman objected Prince supporting Kihswer’s spitting act. He warned you too is equally responsible, He also told the same thing to Rochelle saying she could have stopped Keith.

Rishabh said maaf kia, maaf kr dia.

Salman said, Kishwer aap jab bahar nikal kr restaurant main jao ge aap ka hal kya hoga

Phone call came from snap deal dil ki deal contest winner,

Aman Gupta asked  Rishabh dhamke dar entry se aye the

Prince ke Dada giri se dar gaye hei kya ? Salman added saying you think Rishabh kayar hei, busdil hei?

Rishabh said : as a viewer maine aa kar bajyee , mujhe mil kr mujhe accha lga, kisi se dar ta nahi hu, nam se prince nahi, dil se bhi prince hona chahiye.


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