Declassified files of Netaji

Subhas Chandra Bose, One of a great freedom fighter was popularly known as Netaji. India loved Netaji while Indians love him even today. People of this country want to know why Netaji’s was declared dead in a plane crash in Taihoku while the Kolkata CID denied of such a plane accident. Even the Bangkok and Thai authorities have denied such an incident.

Why for 70 years the entire country was kept in dark? Why the congress government headed by Nehru spied on Netaji’s family members for so many years? Netaji was considered as a fearless freedom fighter capable of revolutionizing India during the early 50’s if he was the first prime minister of India. It was grossly believed that due to his unprecedented popularity in the country congress govt of that era tried their best to keep him away from India.



By taking a bold move chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee released 64 secret files in digital format and handed over to Netaji’s family. There are 130 classified files in total that remained with the central out of which only 64 files are declassified and made public. Congress government earlier denied classifying the secret files related to Netaji with a reason that if the files get classified it may disturb relation of India and other countries such as UK, US and Russia.

On the same day of plane crash in Japan, Netaji’s elder brother Sarat Bose talked to him and confirmed that Netaji was indeed in Bangkok instead of Japan. Taiwan authorities had also confirmed that there was no such crash. Some of the leading newspaper agencies refused to write about his death. Even after all that it was proved that Netaji was died in a plane crash. Thanks to the politicians of that time who had their secret agenda to finish Netaji’s story.

  Another side of the coin

Netaji left congress party way before he formed Indian National Army or Azad hind fauj. Netaji was a strong admirer of Benito Mussolini, the inventor, architecture and implementer of “facism”. Netaji himself believed that India after Independent should have been run on fascist-communist-Nazi idealism. At least for 20 years he wanted India to have been ruled by dictatorship. Netaji was also influenced by Hitler and his Nazi fundamentals to an extent after he visited him.

Gandhi and Nehru would never have liked the Idea of a fascist India or a communist India or Nazi india or any customized ideology based on the these schools of thought. Communism failed in 1991 splitting soviet bloc into pieces and till date the Russia and the divided soviet bloc countries have bitter relationship among one another while fascism died miserably after Benito Mussolini’s death.

If Netaji had returned back to India there would be two parties; Congress headed by Nehru and backed by Gandhi Ji while a sort of forward bloc would have formed by Netaji. People loved Netaji and admired his ideologies like anything hence there was a greater chance that Netaji would have the command of India.

INA formed by Netaji had strong dictates and guidelines. Netaji transformed from a congress man to a self-styled military man when he formed INA. His love for military perhaps came from his love and admiration for Benito Mussolini and Hitler. His love for communist set-up might be influenced by Marx and Lenin.  Did Netaji believe in democracy?

The debate here does not end because we cannot entirely ignore the inventions of fascism, Nazism and communism. A deeper research, understanding is required in this direction for more clarity.

How Netaji Died

It was believed that Netaji could have lived till 1964. Media speculated that he came to India somewhere in 1964. It was also believed that Bose escaped house arrest in 1941 with the help of his nephew Sisir and as per CIA report 5 sikhs escaped 38/2 Elgin Road. One of them was Netaji.

A major file containing the proof of his coming back to India was believed to be destroyed, in another twist to the story he was supposed to have lived the rest of his life as Gumnami Baba in Faizabad. He could have come to public but remained as an ascetic just to protect the country from superior power of that time such as UK, US and USSR.

Who killed Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?

Subramanian Swamy previously said that Netaji Bose escaped house arrest and went to Manchuria in China thinking that he will be safe in this Russia occupied china. But he was wrong; soon he was sent to Siberia with Stalin’s order and later executed.

Country salutes Netaji for his contribution in freedom fight and he will always be remembered as a true countryman, a true patriot.

Written By Dipti Prasad


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