Deepaka Padukone in depression

Recent news about Deepaka Padukone being depressed hit the news world. People wondered how come Deepika Padukone, an accomplished actress been going through depression. Look what she has not. She is perhaps the number one actress in Bollywood, she has everything from money, house, expensive cars and a much secured future and the career growth is just awesome. An actress is highly paid that too if the actress is one among the top stars then what made her depressed? Any guess?

Deepika, 29 revealed that the suicide of a close friend thoroughly bothered her. She has been thinking rather overthinking and as a result even she confessed that she really felt uneasy to wake up for work. Even in the set of Happy New year she has not been in her best in terms of peace of mind. Deepika said there is a taboo attached to depression while most of us are not aware that 1 out of every 4 people suffer from depression.

Deepika recently said, he she was Katrina Kaif she would have married Ranbir Kapoor at earliest while in the very recent past Deepika when asked to advise Katrina on the marriage plan between Katrina and Ranbir, she said Don’t marry “Ranbir Kapoor”.

 By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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