Delhi Zoo Tiger Incident

The recent incident of a youth being killed by a white tiger in Delhi zoo sends alarms about the conditions of zoos in India. Most the zoological parks are being maintained by the Govt and there are so many loopholes like lack of proper infrastructure, lack of proper security are the reasons. Wild Animals are for the forest and not for zoos. In Zoos people throw stones at the wild animals and disturbs their peace. The incident of the death of the youth is now proved to an attempt by the Tiger to save the youth from the people who were throwing stones. The 20 year youth fallen in its the enclosure and then tiger came stared at the youth for 15 minitues then the people who were standing outside the cage started pelting stone at the tiger.The white Tiger then caught the youth by neck and ran away to a distance. 

Forensic report say the tiger was trying to protect that youth from stones thrown by the onlookers, that's the reason the Tiger caught his neck and ran away to a distance.Tigers or Lions or cats generally catch her cubs on neck to save them from threat...Apart from his neck there were no wounds on his body which means the tiger never wanted to harm the youth.

By : | Category : News| Date : October 03,2014

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