Demand vs Supply

Demand and supply rule any market; say the commodity market or the market of cricket or football. There is a market for every commodity, every sports and every individual. Those who get sold in a cheaper price or those commodities that are available with an affordable price are not focused upon and they are sold and purchased in volumes with lower affordability cost. For instance a food commodity like onion has become dearer to such an extent that govt had to import 9000 quintals immediately to cool-off the pressure while still 50 to 60 containers have to arrive from Pakistan. We had no other option to increase the supply beyond import from the neighbor country. There may be a reasonable reason behind the price hike and short supply may be due to crop failure which skyrocketed the price of the crop while there we have the hoarders who slowly release their stored onions into the market when the demand is on a high and they make money in tons as they know the game of supply vs demand. As demand vs supply is what constitutes the market those who get an upper hand in any market are shrewd black marketers and hoarders who know how to procure the things when there is abundance and when to  release them with a higherprice when the demand goes up.

In the job market some people reap most benefits in terms of higher pay packages while others end up with less, demand vs supply comes into picture. Those who have the capability of getting the assigned work done are the managers who are assets to an organization and those who executes, delivers their work under the supervision of managers may be much more valuable for the organization but they never come to the limelight as a rule of demand vs supple only people who have sold them as rare and dearer human resource reap all the benefits in terms of money, benefits, perks and allowances while others end up getting less as they are either not be able to project themselves as dearer materials or they are somewhat hidden in the corporate crowd.


By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 10,2011

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