Dhobi Ghat

When sensible emotions stir the refined intellect films like Dhobi Ghat, Slum-dog millionaire,Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots are created . It is quite clear that we have reached an age which has slowly settling down upon the hard realities of life. There may be several reasons behind our soul growth or emotional refinement but one of the striking character of sensible cinema is its audience. Hindi Cinema witnessed many phases of growth, in every age there is growth in artistic alleviation and we perhaps never saw a decline. During late 70s and 80s we adored films with high drama, unbelievable characters and fairytale sequences. We still have the nostalgia for the the past decades while 90s witnesses films with romanticism and over exaggerated character play in most of the films. During 90s we have the family stories of exalted drama with multi layer filming and multiple characters while we saw an unequal mix of reality and fiction in most of the films. Then as we are ahead in a new era we have in us perhaps found out the sensible side of our own existence. Our choices have shifted from the fictional, overemphasised, rubbish action films to sensitive films with strong layers of realism that we relate us to the every day life.

Dhobi Ghat is nothing but a story of 4 characters witnessing the highs and lows in them while at the same time they experience the city mumbai's melancholic side. Kiran Rao has her debut movie before Amir's Fans just  with an exaggerated reality stuff , yes Amir Khan who is playing an artist in this film realises from the core of his heart about success and failure as an artist while Amir whose presence was much required to attract his fan following indeed added life to this reality bound artistic film. Every image, shot, moment  of this film says something if you can hear from your heart. Flow of the film through the characters is par excellent while the reality of mumbai is shown in a melancholic way, yes why the word melancholic is given importance you can only understand when you watch the film. Every city tells its tales while in reality it's the people who make the city and hence their lives touche upon the aspirations, success and failure that the city bestows. Dhobi Ghat depicts the story of a laundary boy PRATEIK (BABBAR) an aspiring actor, Monica Shai, a banker who comes from abroad to mumbai with a photography passion while a muslim girl yasmin who comes to the city as a newcomer and witnesses boredom, melancholy. Story of Dhobi Ghat is all about these 4 characters and their connectivity to the plot.


Reviewed by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Movie Review| Date : November 10,2011

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