Dhoom Revshare scam

Dhoom Revshare started on 15th Aug 2016 as a promising revshare company. Some leaders promoted it and some have joined their official FB group just to watch its progress for a few months.

With 1900 plus members on board after its launch it seemed like Dhoom Revshare will bring another few thousand members quickly but unfortunately they scamed and shut down their site.

So in a short span of time AdCrump and Dhoom Revshare both these companies have scammed.
Important advice for Revshare investors: 
1. Revshares are always a risky proposition, Invest after doing a proper research.
2. There is nothing like trusted Admin or owner, hence think before you invest.
3. Most Revshares do not have their transparency of how they will pay 120% and more return on adspack purchased for an unspecified time.
4. Revshares are mostly money rotation, hence when members stop joining them new fund infusion stops and then the result is nothing but a scam.


In case of Dhoom Revshare there was no information about the owners of the business, hence it was shady from the beginning. Even if you see Whoiswho of Dhoomrevshare's website, a fake email ID was registered, that means they had an intention to scam the members much before they went live.

By : Admin| Company Name : Dhoom Revshare| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : October 13,2016

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