Digideal2u Scam

Digideal2u started as an online network marketing and digital advertisement company perhaps in January 2016. By Aug 2016 it was able to make 1 lakh members and in the same month it scammed and lot many people lost their money. Their main office was closed, their site was closed and they ran away with 200 cr or more from its investors.

Digideal2u had its parent company in USA and their Indian corporate office was registered in andheri lokandwalla crystal plaza bldg. MR PD SHAH was the MD of the company. Digideal2u lured investors with 60% monthly return. They fooled the investors saying that they do online promotions for flipkart, amazon, ebay, and other online company on facebook.


Company Name : Digideal2u| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : October 25,2016

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