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Dilip Kumar is known as a legendary Hindi cinema actor whose career spanned for almost 6 decades with 63 movies. He is also known as the tragedy king while his versatility as an actor kept him little ahead of his contemporaries Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand. 

His family hailed from Peshawar, later they came to Mumbai and settled there. His father had a fruit business. That was a time when his father’s business was not doing well and He did a job to support his family and a time came when he was discovered by Devika Rani, a leading and influential heroine and the chief of Bombay Talkies. Dilip Kumar accepted the offer to become a film star for a salary of Rs.500.

His great talent, versatile acting prowess and ability to immerse into character of his role play made him a great actor and his contribution to Hindi cinema will always be remembered.

Coming to his horoscope Dilip Kumar belongs to Capricorn ascendant and leo as his moon sign, Hence he is serious in his demeanor at the same time romantic and brave from heart. People with Capricorn lagna are methodical; hence Dilip Kumar is also called as an ultimate Methodist.

If we see the 11th and 10th house we can say how a common man became an iconic star. 11th house of gain, fulfillment of desires has Mercury, Venus and Sun. Out of these 3 planets Venus is the 5th and 10th lord and being in 11th house, it indicated great success from entertainment industry. This Venus moves to the 10th house in the Bhava chart which really did not change the result in the interpretation. Any connection of 5th lord, 10th house, 10th lord, 11th house, 11th lord and 5th house is an indication of a career and success in film industry. 

From Arudha Lagna venus, mercury and Sun are in 7th from it. That gave him fame throughout his career.

Dilip Kumar has always been considered as an inspiring film actor for many present and past well-known actors and he will keep on inspiring us.

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