Disha Salian horoscope

Disha Salian
Tuesday, May 26, 1992
12:00:00(TZ: +5.5), DST: None
Udupi, Karnataka

Dirty dataDisha Salian was manager of Sushant Singh Rajput, she died on 9th June 2020 mysteriously. As per Mumbai police it was a suicide.After her death Sushant died on 14th and again police declared it as suicide. But people of India and media houses did not believe in the same. 


Coming back to the horoscope Disha Salian, I could see 8th lord and 5th lord in 1st house. This planetary configuration made her center of lime light in the Film industry and political circle. She was beautiful being Jupiter in the lagna. As Jupiter is 5th and 8th lord may indicate center of attraction for wrong reason.

4th lord and 9th lord Mars in 8th house mean her fortune was short lived and she was not suppose to have happiness in her life.

8th house mars also indicate danger to life.
Saturn the6th and 7th lord in 6th house and in Capricorn.
12th lord moon in 7th house also indicates sexual things, a person who could be a victim.

Sun, mercury and Venus in 10th house took her to Bollywood, and she was a very young celebrity manager.


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