Does Lal Kitab remedies work ?

 Lal Kitab remedies are basically vedic astrology remedies developed by Pandit Roop Chand Joshi of Punjab in early 1900.

Mostly Lal kitab is based on donations of articles, throwing articles in flowing water, burying articles underground as per malefic or benefic planets in your horoscope. These are also called tantrik remedies, hence sometimes these remedies work and sometimes these remedies do reverse effects.

I personally believe donation of articles is logical and a great remedy for afflicted planets and even Parashara mentioned about donation as a remedy.

How does donation work in mitigating afflicted planets?

Everything in this world has energy in it. When a planet is malefic or weak it’s energy works negatively, hence by flowing or donating articles of such planets we send the negative energy away from it.  By donating we feel good about it as we have done something good. Whatever good or bad we give towards the universe it comes back. Hence donations should be done regularly in order to get blessings from the nature, from planets or from GOD.

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