Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon suspended of clinical duties after confrontation with Uber driver

Miami neurologist Anjali Ramkissoon employed with Jackson health system is immediately removed from all clinical duties and if further investigation finds that she is guilty then her employment might get terminated.

A drunk night in Miami would cost her heavy in terms of shame that she brought for herself by publicly abusing the Uber driver and tried to push him, slap him and physically abuse him, In return the Uber driver also pushed him, In the youtube footage it showed that the driver did not allow the lady to get into the car without a reservation, when Anjali was denied of having a ride, she was agitated and behaved violently towards the Uber cab driver.


She later was seen entering into the car and started throwing everything that she could find inside the car including important documents and money.


Uber which has zero tolerance policy towards abuse and all forms verbal or physical harassment has suspended her account.

Anjali Ramkissoon did not come forward for any immediate comment, while there is a chance that due to this shameful act which made her footage world famous may snatch away her medical license.

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