Drinking habit and Promiscuity can be predicted

 Drinking habit and Promiscuity can be predicted |ventral striatum|ventral striatum|MRI|Health news new

The journal Molecular Psychiatry released a finding about the predictability of sexual behavior as well as drinking habits in both human beings.

Biology has an answer to both drinking habits in response to stress as well as promiscuity. The two risky behaviors are nothing but response of brain cells.

A Team of researchers found out that ventral striatum and amygdala and their activities high or low determines drinking habits or sexual risks. Ventral striatum in the brains seeks rewards while amygdala assesses risk.

High activities in Ventral striatum and low in amygdala result in drinking habits due to stress or stress induced promiscuity.

But in women it is seen that high activities in both Ventral striatum and amygdala result into such behaviors. By Dipti Prasad Padhi










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