Economic failure causes social dilemma

Let me discuss this topic in the light of a thought which strikes me from the beginning that why handful of countries enjoy all the prosperity while the rest live in abject poverty. If I take India as an example of a country which has been witnessing high growth and prosperity alike China, which we can say far ahead of India in terms of growth, we know and realize that a country’s economic progress largely influence its social freedom. India is a highly populated country and it is next to impossible to see India as a nation which has no poverty. India is as ancient as its culture and social values. It is country of mystics and seers, prophets and Godheads, but if we look closely to the India in this era we may say it’s a country high in its corruption index, unethical business practices, crime and violence. There is a striking similarity between India and china in terms of growth and the areas of growth and opportunities for new industry and employment. As these countries grew rapidly we also witnessed that only a smaller percentage of the population grew in prosperity while a larger section of the nations are still poor. It is always a reality that when the gap between the rich and poor widens society faces severe social problems like crime, corruption and unethical practices. It becomes a general psychology of people in India is that if youhave money you can make high profile friends and even influence the local government and it’s a truth. People who have accumulated huge money by means of illegal practices are some of the influential people in this country.
Madhu koda, the ex-chief minister of Jharkhand was alleged to have accumulated money worth Rs.5000 cr through illegal mining and other illegal activities. He was put under investigation and CBI probe was demanded. A political figure in India has a high earning ability as there is fear among the general people for political leaders, The police and the Govt officers of different departments as the general masses think that the people who either represent the Govt or work for the Govt are prone to corruption and immoral practices and to a great degree they are correct. Most of the people have no fear of abusing their power as they know the tricks of the trade and they also know that the general masses that have little and no knowledge of the law are prone to fear. The most threatening thing is the ability to manipulate the power bestowed to them.
Economic failure takes place when some of the powerful individuals become corrupt and immoral, and when black marketers and unethical traders influence the Gove for their benefits we witness inflation in our country.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 14,2011

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