ECPN SCAM- EthereumCashPro (ECP) scam

I have been following EthereumCashPro (ECP) ever since it came into being. When it was launched they started referral scheme where with every downline one brings he/she will be rewarded with 10000 tokens.

At first it seems like genuine. But slowly they have started to mint money in the name of free token and paid token. Every time they invented newer ways and means to mint money from members. This way they have collected a lot of money from members in the name of coin launch. It took nearly 2 years to launch their coin ECP in some very less-known dubious exchanges.  

Members have bought coins from their ICO sale with very higher price and ultimately when it was launched in few exchanges like Finexbox and OOOBTC (Their own exchange) it never went above 1 satoshi. That means all the money invested in this coin is like zero, 1 satoshi is like no value.

Now all on a sudden they have made another plan to create a new coin named ECPN and swap it with ECP. This way they have reduced the token supply number. In Total they have now 9 billion tokens as per their website.

If you look at their website it is not even look like a professional website.

No one know who the people behind this coin scam are. They are completely anonymous.  It’s written in their website that the CEO has 10 years of experience in online marketing. A trainer who successfully motivated a group of people. Lot of spell mistakes even in what they have written in their website.

There is no public profile of a single person from ECP or ECPN core team. It’s a complete scam.

They have now launched an ICO of their ECPN token in Finexbox and Sistemkoin Exchange, this is another way to collect as many BTC as possible.

But throughout my investigation from last 2 years I found that their admins are mostly Indians and Africans. Most of them are involved in MLM and they support this scam. Their CEO is someone called BOND. From India their chief admin is Vicks and Navin Bhandari. They admins through MLM have earned a lot of ECPN coins and they will dump if it opens in any exchange. Leaving small time investors poor.

I will soon spread this blog everywhere just save others from this scam.

By : Admin| Company Name : ECPN SCAM- EthereumCashPro (ECP) scam| Title : Crypto coin|Date : July 06,2019

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