Edward Snowden reveals US hacked Pakistan routers

Edward Snowden, a former intelligence agent with National security agency claimed that US NSA along with Government communications headquarters (GCHQ) and British intelligence monitored Pakistan’s communication data for years in order to track terrorist activities.

As per him these intelligence organizations hacked cisco routers to monitor and control handsets of terrorists and other suspected people. Snowden further stated that British spies can hack into any smart phone remotely by sending an encrypted text that can pass into the owner’s handset unnoticed. As a result they can access the contact list, texts, make audio records, transfer data, hear conversations, know people contacted and also can take images, and track geo locations.


He further cited British government has heavily invested into the technology of hacking phones. As per him GCHQ have designed and developed a smart smurf suite capable of efficient intercept functions. Dreamy smurf, a power management app capable of switching the on and off. Nosey Smurf can activate mic of the phone hacked even if it’s in switch off mode as a result they can hear conversations near the phone. Tracker smurf can track someone’s geo location with greater precision.

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