Ego battle between working men and women

It’s a growing world! Is not it? There is so much development that the world is witnessing from last two decades, our conventional phones are replaced by smart phones, our small network of friends has grown bigger with the advent of social networking sites which kept us connected; we have now able to make friends from all places of the world.

In Indian context people have started giving value to relationship before marriage. Boyfriend girlfriend relationships are now looked upon as cool and accepted. Gay marriages are now allowed by the supreme court of India while transgender males and females are now no more looked upon as taboo.

Things have rapidly changed and so as our relationships. Materialistic outlook towards life has become paramount importance while we have somehow started ignoring the necessity of spiritual development and that is the real cause of problems in relationships. Divorces are as common as marriages now days, ego battle between married couples or couples in relationship are common these days. Reasons are many.

Anjali Sing and Gurpreet Singh (Name changed) were happily married during their initial years of marriage, as per them they often have ego battles, both command respectful positions in MNCs and their ego grew up with the growth in their career.

Richa Rao (Name changed) left her boyfriend once she got a good job and found a colleague in her company much more eligible for her comparing to her boyfriend who earns less.

Hari Rawat (Name changed) who works as a bureaucrat did not mind to have an extra marital affair for pleasure.

There are various married couples do not mind infidelity just because they are bored of their marriages and their partners no more ignite the same passion in their relationships.

All these real life examples are just an eye opener towards a complex trap of our own ego and a distorted life style.

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