Ekta Kapoor horoscope

Ekta Kapoor 

Saturday, June 7, 1975
9:45:00(TZ: +5.5), DST: None
Mumbai ,MH,IN
Longitude:72e50, Latitude:18n58

Rasi: Aries Star/Nakshatra: Bharani

Ekta Kapoor is an Indian TV and Film producer, director and Joint managing director of Balaji Telefilms Limited. 

Pic credit : Bollywood Hungama

Venus in her ascendant being the 4th and 11th lord tells about her success in Television and films.

5th house has Rahu.

9th house has mars and Jupiter, note that Jupiter is in its own house, Jupiter is 9th and 6th lord while mars is 5th lord and 10th lord. It forms Laxmi Yoga as well as dharma karmadhipati yoga. It’s a massive wealth yoga. She has a massive net worth of Rs. 100 cr as per internet. 

Lagna lord Moon in 10th house – Success in Professional life

11th house has Sun, Mercury and Ketu. Sun is 2nd lord placed in Taurus with mercury which is the 3rd and 12th lord. Ketu is also with Sun and Mercury. 

Saturn is lord of 7th and 8th and is placed in 12th house, It forms a Vaipareet Raj yoga.

Due to all these great planetary combinations in her horoscope she is a very successful public persona with massive fame and wealth.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi ( diptiprasadpadhi@gmail.com)


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