Emami a success story : From 20k to 8000 Cr Group

Emami a success story : From 20k to 8000 Cr Group


R.S Agarwal Co-founder and joint chairman, Emami group has made Emami a 8000 Cr group from Rs. 20k. As per him it was never so easy as a smooth ride. Initial years were years of struggle, they sustained losses, played the battle and tried hard to make mark in the market. As per him in FMCG market where there have been players like Hindustan Lever and Proctor and Gamble with deep pockets it was a tough fight. They never gave up. Improved upon their strategy, marketing and products, branding and eventually success was bound to come.


Their famous take-over of kolkatta based Himani group made Emamai rich with a flagship brands like Boroplus, Navratna oil from the stable of Himani group while the acquisition of 68.9 percent in Zandu for rupees 713 Cr in 2008 made Emami more stronger in terms of market capitalization.


With the accusition of Himani they have produced Boroplus which eventually beat the monopoly of Boroline. With Zandu they got popular brands like Zandu Balm,Zandu chyawanprash,zandu kesri jeevan,Zandu Pancharishta,Sudarshan and Nityam churna.


They pioneered the concept of fairness cream for men. Market of fairness cream was conventionally for women while 30 percent of Indian men were found using fairness cream for men. Emami's Fair and handsome made a market for itself.


Pioneering celebrity endorsements created great buzz for them in the market. Emami endorsed celebrities from film and entertainment industry as well as sports personalities as a part of their advertisement strategy. Some of them are Madhuri Dixit, sonakshi Sinha, Sri Devi, Kareena Kapoor,Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Mary Kom, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan who endorsed various emami brands.


This journey of entrepreneurship had been challenging but perseverance, hardwork pays off and this is what was the case of Emami group.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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