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Mr. A.K Mandal after getting graduated from IIT Kharagpur joined Maruti as a service engineer in Jaipur. His first assignment there was to develop OEMs. During his tenure with maruti for 30 years he had actively involved in OEM development, Development and Design, Inspection etc. Mr.Mandal left Maruti before his retirement to become an entrepreneur; He started a car service center in New Delhi and named it The Car Doctor.

I was looking for an economy service center near by my locality; I called up just-dial, a local search engine that provides updated information including addresses and phone numbers of B2C and B2B products and services. Mr. Mandal picked up the phone; I had a brief conversation about my cars service. He attended and answered my queries. Within 30 munities of it I was getting so many calls from other local service providers through just-dial but I decided not to attend any other call regarding to the service of my car. I felt little confident over the A.K mandal as he seemed genuine on phone.

In the next day I reached the place. I had my car serviced and I was satisfied with the service. The best thing was that I always wanted to see while my car gets serviced, and there I had a real chance to do it. His car clinic has trained mechanics and laced with the latest equipment. Generally a normal car service takes 2.30-3 hours; I have had 3 long hours to spend. To keep me engaged I started conversing with Mr.Mandal about the issues I had with the car. Mr. Mandal showed his patience and cool composure to answer everything I asked him. When our conversation moved to other things I came to know that he was graduated from IIT Kharagpur and he has 30 years of fruitful experience in Indias topmost car manufacturer Maruti Udyog Ltd. This really impressed me.

I knew how he became an entrepreneur by choice. I call it by choice because he has a passion of doing business in an area where is interested in, having high-level of competence and experience. He seemed like a visionary and once again I am impressed by his vision of making THE CAR DOCTOR as a successful brand.

As per his survey he did through various free service camps he knew the behaviors of car owners when it comes to the maintenance of their cars. As per his findings most of the owners did the services of their cars from the road-side mechanics rather than the workshops and authorized dealers to save cost. Most of them have seldom used their Car manuals to know about the user guidelines. He also let me know how the authorized service centers and big workshops make money out of the ignorance of the car owners.

He names his car workshop as The Car Doctor. Why he named it as the car clinic? He explained saying when someone goes to a doctor, the doctor may write few tests to diagnose the disease as a part of disease diagnosis but very few doctors explain details of the test reports. Doctors usually see the test reports and prescribe medicines accordingly while very few doctors explain why certain medicines they are prescribing as per the test reports and what all findings have come out of test reports. Even in most cases unnecessary tests are recommended by doctors or clinics just to rip-off extra money from the patients. Similarly when you go to an authorized service center they may prescribe 10 things to you and show the outcome of 4 or 5 while other 5 things you may never see. This explanation gave more strength to his objective of providing value for money services, repairs for the car owners.

About The CAR Doctor in detail

An One Stop Diagnostic and repair center for all models and variants.

A visionary initiative to change the concept of Car Maintenance

A.K.Mandal- An Ex GM (Technical) Maruti

We do

All mandatory routine services as per the recommendation of the Makers.

All mechanical and electrical fault repair.

Cleaning services eg Dry cleaning, vacuum cleaning, external and internal polishing.

Under chassis Antirust rubberized coating, Hard Teflon based coating.

AC periodic service and cooling efficiency  validation and repair

Tinkering and coloring

We repair dents and paint damage using digitized dent puller, customized denting tools and pneumatic finishing sanders.

  • We do paining in a customized enclosed dust-free chamber to achieve high gloss and homogeneity.
  • We use only OEM recommended paint to achieve identical shade and color value.

We have

Lift for under chassis inspection and repair.

  • Electronic Injector cleaner
  • Engine diagnostic scanner for OBD 2 compliant cars.
  • Digitized thermo-sensor for AC system check.
  • All OEM recommended special tools for critical repairs.
  • Pneumatic and electrical tightening tools

We use

All genuine parts recommended by OEMs

All lubricants and coolants recommended by OEMs procured directly from the suppliers.

Paints and other accessories only from OEM suppliers.

Modern diagnostic tools and equipment for detection and resetting of faults.

Our expertise extends to

All Models and variants of:


  • Hyundai
  • Honda all working days.
  • Toyota
  • Ford Wednesday Closed
  • Chevrolet
  • Fiat
  • Tata and Mahindra passenger cars are also serviced by us.

A.K.Mandal- An Ex GM (Technical) Maruti

A.K.Mandal- An Ex GM (Technical) Maruti at work

Reach Mr. A.k mandal on +919811818868

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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