Episode 74, 76, 77 Big Boss 9

Episode 74 is all about play-pause-rewind games of Big Boss while surprisingly it was an emotional episode where the members of the Big Boss met there family members. Keith was upset as he missed his brother a lot who was recently died; all the team members consoled him. Prince said he will be like brother to Keith so is Rishabh and Suyyash consoled Keith.

Kishwer met her mother, Suyyash met her sister, Rishabh met her sister, and everyone felt emotional as they met their near ones in play-pause-rewind style.

Episode 76 is about Salman’s episode where all the members are rounded up for question and answers and retrospection. Manadana once again become the target of the house relating to her willful giving up the captaincy. She blamed Suyyash and Kishwer while other team members were against her.

Mandana was clearly seen getting intimidated by others when members of the team said she should have been the part of captaincy contest.

It was also Norah’s side kick or side chick word that triggred fight between Gizele and Norah, Norah also termed her as background dancer. They have heated arguments over the same issue.

Episode 77

It was special for everyone in and outside house as it was Salman’s Birth Day, he turned 50 and went into the house to celebrate with members of the house. He went there to engage with the members of the house. He asked the team members to come to the activity area to play a game called party and punicshment, Team members have to throw a ball on an object having party and punishment section. Rishabh got a punishment of being umbrella man for Norah; he had to accompany Norha with an umbrella whenever she goes outside the room.

Then the time came when Salman asked the team members to walk on the ramp, some became devil while some witch, all the members have walked on the stage with their devil and witch lines.

Big Boss announced a task for Salman where he has to find gifts for him hidden in different areas of the house; Salman was quick to find the gifts for him. He celebrated his birthday with everyone in the house.

Then comes a big fight between Mandana and Priya when Priya touched mandana’s personal belongings, she threw something towards Mandana. Priya got intimidated badly and started arguing with Mandana that she can not be voikent towards her. Priya got support from other members of the house. Keith tried to intervene inbetween the heated verbal argumnents, he tried to tell Mandana that she did a wrong and stil fighting to support her wrong deed. Mandana was not in a position to listen to him, she shouted on her to which Keith too reacted by shouting on her.

Later Suyyash as a captain decided to take away all belongings of Mandana to trhe store room, Mandana said as a captian he cant do this, Only Big Boss has the right o do this, Syyash said as a captain he will do this on the cost of any consequences. Mandana declared infront of the camera that she is putting off the mikes as well as she wont be participating in any task. She demanded the she will not do anything till Big Boss calls her and Suyyash to the confession room.

While Mandana and Priya was close enough and verbally fighting with each other, Priya noticed Mandana’s bad breath, she teased her saying oh your bad breath, did not brush your teeth today.

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