Episode 78 Big Boss 9, Mandana Priya fights, Nora Prince Love story

Episode 78 or Day 78 is all about more fight between Mandana and Priya. Priya kept on saying Mandana that whatever she did was violence while Mandana was not in a mood to admit that that was violence, she said yes that might be wrong but that was not violence, she also said the same thing in Big Boss’s confession room. Later she said sorry to Mandana and they patched up.

There were verbal arguments between Prince and Rochele when she tried to jump into Mandana and Priya’s matter, Keith also shouted on her taking the matter.

Later the team having everyone started discussing about Nora and Prince, they discussed that they have been getting involved intimately these days. Big Boss’s vigilant cameras also showed footages of both kissing each other and getting cozy with themselves.

Girls in the house alleged that there is something more in the kissed that Nora and Prince are exchanging. Kishwer asked Prince if he kissed on her lips. While Mandana told Prince that they have been getting sexual to which prince objected saying Mandana has a habit of taking things to extreme.


Big Boss asked Priya, Kishwer and Rochele to come to the double trouble room and choose one of the options from the 4 options given by, as they all pressed the buttons, all the other members of the house except them got nominated.

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