Episode 80 Big Boss 9 Nora fights with Priya and argues with others, chorr-police task

Episode 80 shifted its focus from Mandana Priya fight and went towards Priya as a target. Priya indeed invited the anger of the team members. It all started with Rochele getting into the bathroom where Keith was there. Priya was supposed to go to the bathroom once Keith comes out. As rochele went to the bathroom priya started commenting she must be doing something with Keith. Hearing that Prince strongly objected saying Priya has no right to comment about what they did in the bathroom as they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Others agreed on what Prince said and they said Priya has no business over what the couples in the house are doing with themselves.

Nora later came and asked what the cool group talked about her, she heard from Rochele that the team members talked about her being seated opposite Prince in a sexual position. Rochele said that the topic was triggered by Mandana and later Priya confirmed. She was angry with Mnadana andPriya, she continually had a verbal fight with Priya, and later as other members of the team were part of the conversation she was annoyed with them too.

She told everyone in the house including Prince that she did not like this double standard approach and the kind of talks the house had against her and Prince sent wrong message to the viewers. To be true Nora can’t deny that the kind of relation she has with Prince, as per the footages it was more than friendship rather it was romantic.

Big Boss soon announced police and chor task. Prince, Priya, Rochele and Kishwer played cops while Rishabh, Nora, Mandana and Keith played thieves. Team members playing cops had to stop the thieves from stealing diamonds kept in the house. Suyyash was given the role of Sanchalak. Rishabh was caught by Kishwer and with the help of Suyyash he was put behind the bars, Rishbah played a prank by throwing the prison key outside the house which made kishwer angry and she alleged that Rishabh broke the rule of the house.

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