Eventful September amid the slow US economy and the announcement of Nobel Peace prize

In Sep US reported 95000 job losses while the Indian economy witnessed good growth with stock marker creating new waves of hope for the month of Diwali. As expected the much awaited coal India IPO performed superbly with a splendid opening above 300 Rs mark. October is as eventful for India as US with President Obama’s visit to the country. All hopes are stick to the president’s visit who may have come here to ensure no further job loss should take place in US due to the cheap workforce that India provides to US companies in their business process outsourcing. September was eventful for china where Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel peace price. Instead of creating a happy event for china it further made the situation tense. China has a controversial human rights record where people like Liu Xiaobo gets imprisonment to protect democratic rights. There was a mounting pressure from the US and other international forces to release Liu Xiaobo while China has been on a tense side of international relation due to its aggressive trade and boarder dispute. Why Liu Xiaobo was convicted is due to hislead authorship of charter 08 which is believed to be inspired by charter 77, eventually Liu was put to prison for state subversion. Defending the issue of human rights china’s premier Wen jiabao said china respects freedom of speech as it allows its 400 million internet users access the web and put their views on people’s rights and the Govt. It has no less than 800 million mobile phone subscribers who have the freedom to talk to their friends in and out of the country. China is still a country of communist ideology and it is very difficult to smell what’s really happening in china. Tough china has become an international power due to its aggressive trade, commerce and energy it is only a smaller fraction of people who are privileged, we can not ignore the scale and depth of corruption in china which goes hand in hand with its progress. Its boarder dispute with India may create a war like situation if no progress is made between the two countries to strengthen diplomatic tie.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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