EvergreenCoin ( EGC) growing through Market Place and Merchants

This is my 3rd blog post on EvergreenCoin ( EGC) and I am very impressed of the vision that Mr. Bowman Thomson shared with me. EvergreenCoin ( EGC) has a vision to have a market place as big as Amazon  and ebay and this is soon to happen with his hardwork and support of all of us who are keen to see Evergreen coin succeed as the world’s topmost Crypto currency.


Merchant/Vendor development is happening hand in hand and the current scenario tells that EGC will have plenty of vendors in the due course of time.


Below is what Mr.  Mr. Bowman Thomson’ says on merchants and market place.

We have the Sanctuary of the Light Toad, which is a conservation area for the Bufo Alvarius toad.  PexPeppers just moved to a different state, but will be accepting EGC once his new store opens up.  We will also be having a new vendor named Tiger's Corner.

I would like for the marketplace to be just as prominent as amazon or eBay. I think if we could get a lot more merchants from India we could fill the marketplace up quickly. There is a promotion going on for EverGreenCoin sometime this week. I hope that it will attract a lot of investors and merchants from India. Merchants and customers on the website have many ways other than EGC to purchase merchandise. With cointopay hundred of different coins can be used. You can also use PayPal on the site. So if you have a PayPal account you can make purchases and purchase EGC on the website with a credit card.


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