Eyewitnesses confirmed sexual Assault on NH-1 during Jat Agitation

Recent Jat agitation during 22nd and 23rd in Haryana and near-by places not only destroyed several thousand crore of properties but also created a nationwide shock when  incidents of rape came into limelight, As per the previous reports 10 women were pulled out of their cars were molested, their cloths were torn apart and later the women were pulled towards fields where they were reportedly gang raped, it was alleged that there were some 40 agitators who were active on the Delhi-Ambala highway were involved.

Haryana police from the beginning denied such incidents of rape but now things seem to have come out as truth when a few eye-witnesses who were truck drivers came forward and told about what they eye-witnessed. As per them they trucks were stuck on the highway during 10-11 Am and later during 1-2 Pm their trucks were put on fire. Agitators burnt several vehicles, almost all the vehicles glasses were broken and people were beaten. As per a truck driver women were not pulled out of cars rather the women who were walking towards the airport were misdirected by goons and later molested and pulled away towards fields were they might be raped, the eyewitnesses said they could hear screams of women from the bushes.

Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar asked victims to come forward and report any such incidents without fear, for this the Govt of Haryana has set up a panel of women police officer, the incidents of rape that occurred in Murthal, Sonipat created shock for entire nation. Eyewitnesses confirmed gangrape on NH-1 while villagers of hasanpur denied such incidents.


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