Faith In God is the key to success


God says always be on the path of Good. In general we say love your neighbors and hate your enemies. Jesus has a very different teaching method. Everyone cannot agree upon the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said love your neighbors and never hate your enemies, rather pray for your enemies and forgive your foes and persecutors. It’s very difficult to forgive who hurt you or behave badly towards you but Christianity teaches forgivingness. Leave everything to God. God says be quite, don’t fight…I will fight for you.

Restraints from the bad habits or the bad indulgences take us faster to a divine way of life or life style. Stay away from the impulses of mind that may lead to sin or sinful thoughts, stay away from such events that may cause possible accidents and also stay away from those people who may malign the sanctity of your mind, body and soul. Be always on the right path. Remember God in all circumstances and be free from the bondages that can possibly bring misery.
Jesus asked his disciples to be faithful to God and work hard to be perfect. His messages were clear and lucid. He never imposed anything on anyone. Faith comes when you realize what is appropriate for you
Sinful ones may hide their sins from the world but they never can hide their sins from themselves, that’s why it is always advised to be in the company of good so that the wandering mind may not get confused of the bad as good. Mind is a wanderer and it is prone to moving away from good things to bad things. Controlling the mind is a very difficult process and it needs spiritual nourishment from time to time. Why the Vedas gave importance to Guru is only because a Guru saves his disciples from Sin and bad karma. Though every human being has a guru inside him still he needs to find his own Guru. By finding the light from inside one can illuminate his soul.

Only process to tame the mind is to put them to good conditioning and by constantly seeking the doctrines of the gurus, scriptures and staying still in all circumstances. Meditation may help but what helps the most is the self-realization, our sense of right and wrong makes us aware and awakens all the time. When you are nothing in you past you may have heard people saying he is just a crap unable to find his way. Even close friends leave your hand saying sorry we cannot do much to your misery though not uprightly, When you become something through years of effort and faith all those eyes those ignored you grab your attention but you know that you are the same person.

When you become someone people talk about you, appreciate your thoughts and your actions are revered and you become special in their eye. But you knew that you have always been special for yourself. Knowing is knowledge, wisdom is in the forsightness. Love yourself in all circumstances so that you can go through the transitions from nothing to special.

Always remember that people who cared about you and loved you during the time of your failure are your true friends and for sure you will have many connections throughout this journey from nothing to something to special.

Have faith in God as he remained the same when you are a failure and he is the same when you are a success.

WRITTEN By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : May 28,2014

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