Fardeen Khan become a target as Twitter Jokes due to his weight Gain

It’s a shame for those who started commenting over Fardeen Khan’s weight gain and made it matter of laughter. Yes Fardeen has recently hit the headlines for his unusual weight gain, moreover instead of concern people have started making him a target to explode laughter bombs.


While on twitter he got various comments like,

1.       Anant Ambani's loss is Fardeen Khan's gain.

2.       Log naraz hoke muh fulaate hai, fardeen khan ne khudko fulaa liya

3.       Fardeen Khan : Chocolate boy to rosugulla boy

4.       Fardeen Khan gained weight so that people can say in future that "Bande mai dum tha."

5.       Fardeen Khan is now antonym of Adnan Sami.

6.       What people call him ~ Fardeen Khan

 What he heard ~ Fardeen Kha

Such were the comments people gave for him on Twitter. Shame on people who has no other work instead of criticizing others. How does it matter if he gains or losses. It should be none of his business.


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