First miracle of jesus christ


Jesus is the king of the heaven. When his divine light touches the earth we regain our strength.

I would love to preach as much as I get to know about the lord and I will preach as strong as I get to know about the bible

God sent his only son to earth to save the earth from sin and the perfect son of God came to the earth to make us perfect.

During his stay in the earth people witnessed many miracles, his kind and compassionate nature always helped the poor, helpless people

His goal was to make the earth a perfect abode for us and he accepted a painful death just to save the earth from sins. Just 3 days after his death he resuurected by defying the law of death and people witnessed him going to the heaven by defying the law of gravity

Once he and his disciples boarded in a boat and jesus said lets go to the other side of the lake, on the way he fell asleep. Suddenly a windstorm hit the lake taking large amount of water therefore creating furious water currents

His disciples came near to jesus and woke him up and said we are going to die. Jesus awoke, rebuked the furious wind and the water current and with in moments everything became so calm and peaceful.

He then asked where is your faith, his commands even winds and water obeyed. Those who surrender their ego and be by the side of good always and those who follow the path of jesus are free from danger and disasters.

Jesus said be faithful always even in the time of great trouble , be faithful to yourself and be faithful to the God you lay trust. Stay away from sin and be clean.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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