Fission coin scam- One more crypto currency Scam

I came across a team of people who had invested huge money in Fissoncoin and promoted it a lot over social media. I asked them how it has been going. The guy who led the team and made them invest told me that he and his team lost so much money.

Fission coin started as a MLM (Multi-level marketing) based on their own crypto currency. 


Is Fission coin Legit or scam? Sorry as their site is not in exsitence any more and they have scammed many I should write, was fission coin legit or a scam?

As per my review earlier it looked fishy. And As I am writing this review about Fission coin lately once again, I can safely refer it as a crypto currency scam. My Fission coin review will alo highlight some important tips and tricks while investing in crypto currency,

1. If someone is promoting a new coin always ask who are the people behind it. I mean the developers, promoters .

2. Always Invest in a program from your own country, At least you can lodge complaints with the police or economic offense wing of the country if they scam. In case if the Business is registered somewhere else other than your country it will be impossible to take any legal action against the scammers.


3. Ask them to furnish proper registration details of the firm, get it checked with a lawyer.


4.Look at their domain to know if it is registered as public or private. In case it is registered as private then you should avoid. Private domain registrations are for a reason to scam or to do some fishy activities.

In case of fission coin they did not reveal about the leaders behind it, they had a private registration, As per Alexa about 35% people came to the site from Russia and 10% from Ukraine. 


Their compensation plan included Fusion Coin Bronze, Fusion Coin Silver, and Fusion Coin Gold.

As per their ROI projection ROI on coins will yield 3% daily and 360% in 120 days. Initial investment was 100 Fission Bronze, 500 silver fission, 1000 Fission Gold.

In Aug Fission Coin Bronze was $1.09, silver was $5.85 and gold was $11.58 and by now fission coin is not in existence.

They also had a referral commissions as one recruits with a commission of 10% on every investment made by a referrer’s recruitee.

Don’t believe in any Hype investment program without doing proper research. If you do so you not only put your hard earned money in stake but also you put the money of others who trust your words and invest as you say.

Fission coin seems like a Russian Ponzi scheme.



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