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<p> 1. Oats : It is full of fiber, tastes great to the taste buds, it is also a wholesome meal. Oats<span class="text_exposed_show"> normalises the levels of cholesterol in the body.<br /> 2. Eggs : Eggs have full of proteins and low in calories. Egg white has rich source of protein&nbsp; while the yellow portion of eggs contains good cholesterol. Eggs help in building muscles, hence highly recomended for everyone.<br /> 3. Apples : Apples are full of antioxidants,vitamins, minerals, protein. It also contains Pectin which helps to reduce the bad fat cells.<br /> 4. Green Chillies : Green chillies have Capsaicin which helps to develop the growth cells of the body and burns the calories.<br /> 5. Garlic : Garlic&nbsp; has anti-bacterial properties and it helps us to reduce fat by removing bad cholesterol and helps to increase bodyimmunity.<br /> 6. Honey : Honey is full of vitamin c and E and the best&nbsp; remedy to burn unwanted harmful fat. Add honey in warm water and lemon juice and take it in the early in the morning.<br /> 7. Green Tea : Green Tea is most sought after remedy&nbsp; which helps you to lose weight. It has Antioxidants which helps in removing the unwanted fat from our body weight.<br /> 8. Tomatoes : Tomatoes have a proven benefit in burning unwanted fat. It helps to prevent cancer. Take tomatoes in your diet religiously for better result.<br /> 9. Dark Chocolate : </span><span class="text_exposed_show">Chocolates have effective in fighting stress, It is also called as mood enhancer, while dark chocolate has Flavonoids, which helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. </span></p>

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