French novelist Patrick Modiano was awarded noble prize on literature

French novelist Patrick Modiano was awarded noble prize on literature on Thursday. The Swedish academy gave 8 million kronor ($1.1 million ) prize money to modiano for his contribution in the field of literature.

Modiano, whose novel missing person won the prestigious Prix Goncourt in 1978 was born in the West Paris suburb two months after the 2nd world war ended in July 1945.

Modiano was introduced to Gallimard Publishing house by French writer Raymond Queneau, His mothers friend in his early twenties.

Modiano who lives in Paris rarely accords to interviews and is known to shun media. In 2012 he won the Austrian state prize for European Literature.

This years noble prize announcements started on Monday with a US-British scientist splitting the medicine prize with a Norwegian couple for Brian Research.

Two Japanese researcher and Japanese born American won the Noble prize in physics for the invention of blue light which has opened room for LED as new light source.

The chemistry Prize went to two Americans and a German Researcher who discovered a new way to give the microscopes sharper and clearer visions which in turn will help the scientists in having more detailed study on living cells.

The awards will be presented on Dec 10, the anniversary of Noble Prize founder Alfred Nobels death in 1896.

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