French president Nicolas Sarkozy in India

India has a french connection, yes I mean today is an eventful day in the history of Indo-french connection as Mr. Sarkozy has arrived on Saturday, 4thof dec on a 4-day visit to the country. Sarkozy is known for his intelligent, bold and energetic disposition. He may be a blend of Mars ( Energy), mercury ( communication), moon ( mind ) and Jupiter ( generous, broad-minded) energies. Anyway his visit is strategic and important for India. Sarkozy has two important missions : to back-up India for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council and to support India in its fight against terrorism. Great and noble causes.
France is the first country which supported India in its nuclear programme when there was lots of pressure from US and other key countries against it. From this we can understand how important his visit is for India. France also helped set-up ground for Iran to implement its nuclear mission but to France's disappointment their nuclear programme was highlighted as something which created domestic unrest in Iran and a concern for the world. There were even news about Iran-North Korea connection in alleged weapon exchange exercise.It is definitely a matter of concern for Mr. Sarkozy. Now as India is going to be a member of the UN security council it can contribute a level-playing role in maintaining harmony in this part of the globe especially as Iran is a friend to India India can help Iran in directing its Nuclear programme in a constructive way.

Sarkozy said in his address to  scientists, key people from industry and students at the Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO) in Bangalore. He favours Brazil, Germany, Japan, Africa and Arab world should be in the UN Security Council.

All on a sudden India has become a hot ground for important strategic visits after US president Barrack Obama's expensive visit to India. This year key leaders of Russia andChina may visit India.

Sarkozy wants India to be empowered with Nuclear energy so he expressed deep interest in fulfilling India's domestic energy needs. He has plans for helping India to  set up nuclear plant in Jaitapur which can fulfill the energy needs to some extent. His visit has not only about prevailing issues of India to be in UN security council but importantly he wants France to be a major force in business tie-ups in different fields, hence he is accompanies by a group of 60 CEOs along with his foreign and finance minister. India is expected to spend about $80 billion in the coming decade to upgrade its military and here comes the role of french companies to set-up nuclear power plants, upgrade the military equipments. French companies have already started negotiating to upgrade 51 Mirage Jet fighters of the Indian Air force.

India is expected to set-up 20 nuclear power plants in different locations in the coming years and french companies are ready to cash-in as french stands the front runner for the business bids because of its unilateral support during India's Nuclear support during a time when India's nuclear move was higly opposed. The agreement between Areva SA and India's nuclear power corporation is likely to be signed in the president's presence. Areva is a front-runner in setting up two power plants in Maharashtra.
India is expected to buy 126 fighter jets worth $11 billion, and about 200 helicopters for about $4 billion from France.

Srakozy will meet Prime minister Manmohan Singh on Monday to discuss various issues ranging from India to be in UN security council, Terrorism, Recent currency and commodity fluctuation as a threat to the economy and Global Governance.
Mr. Sarkozy and his beautiful wife, first lady of France Carla Bruni will pay a visit to Taj Mahal, the eternal symbol of love.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 10,2011

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