Gang Rape of a 21 year old woman in Mumbaiís Malad became national news

In a second incident of Gang Rape in Malad, a 21 year old woman was raped by her husband’s colleagues. The victim’s husband moved to Malad with her and their 2 children when he got a better paying Job as a security Guard.

All hell broke loose when her husband went on night duty on November 11, Diwali. Two of her husband’s friends Dhanbahadur Pirva (38) and Karan Bika (30) entered her house andraped her; they also threatened to kill her husband if she tells about the rape to anyone.

On the next day two other men Jagat Bhaga and Kalamveer Pirva entered her house and raped her. Late she told her husband about the incident following which all four accused were arrested on November 17 under section 376 ( G) of IPC.

Jagat Bhaga was known to be working as a driver with a businessman while the other 3 accused were known to be working as watchmen.

By : | Category : Sensitive News for over 18 year| Date : November 29,2015

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